Government: A love and hate story

The crucial thing the short-sighted people miss is that their attempt to destroy the values and social contracts of a society for their short term gains always result in their eventual loss of security, safety, and welfare. And I don’t know how many more times I will have to witness such ignorance in my life. Whether be it a company, town, or state, this rule of life has not changed and will not do so.

In contrast to what many think, governments are not divine entities, but consist of people who share the similar ambitions, good and bad sides with the rest of the folks. Ignoring all of the wrongdoings of a government by sanctifying it is as much stupid as overthrowing it with force without considering any safer and democratic alternatives. And most of us suffered from this dilemma of these segregated ideologies for way too many years as they are accepted by the majority of people; thereby, rendered the moderate and rational thinkers powerless enough not to be able to change the direction of their sinking ships. The reason behind this level of acceptance may be the fact that the radical behaviors — as they need much less thinking, therefore easier to the mind — and desires for an accepted place in a community make people feel stronger hence happier, but their resistance to seeing the serious adverse effects of this choice will continue to be baffling despite the hundreds of examples seen everyday in the media. The rational thinkers are generally fine with opposing or alternative logical voices presented respectfully with evidence. However, most of the people are more inclined to have echo chambers instead. Being constantly approved and supported for what we have to say is a good feeling indeed. But, these undisciplined human dispositions have been one of the main reasons of today’s refugee crisis, millions of lost lives, and broken hearts and dreams. Feeling safe within groups induced with radical ideologies is just cutting corners to exchange stable and long-term solutions with short-term happiness.

As the guerrilla mentality assumes that it holds the only truth and opposes everything that government does, they usually don’t realize how much even more they engrain government-worshiping urge into the minds of other segments of society. Consequently, these actions create their own infinite loops and eventually dissolve the whole society by causing social conflicts and even worse, and that is to go into wars with neighboring countries.

A very typical sign of this social corruption is to see how the power of government institutions are utilized as social disciplinary tools against the others. But the weird thing here is that the new powers will eventually and gradually evolve from government haters to government worshippers along with their supporters. Frankly, it is not the government they love, but the power, wealth, and opportunities they seized as the heads of the state. The words like freedom, equality, brotherhood and such are still being used but with different contextual meanings now. And they has become the government sanctifiers while the rest of the society are turning into the new guerrilla against the state due to the consistent and constant oppression on their life styles and pleasures. And here, we see another infinite loop. These are the times when the great minds of that country leave their homes first to immigrate to other countries. A smart and opportunist state will quickly seize this opportunity and accept many of these great minds as they may have transforming effect on their nations advancements.


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