I am not sure about this advice. Instead of asking them all of these questions right away, I think the most appropriate action would be to ask them after the problem has been solved. Because, bombarding an engineer while he/she is thinking over the problem can be too distracting. It is a good practice to show up with a pen and paper to take notes of what’s being explained. Also you can write down your questions to ask them later if they are not very important for you to understand at least the basics of the steps that are taken for the solution. That way, the conversation can stay focused on the actual problem.

Also, please let people to think for a minute instead of asking them many questions sequentially and expecting an answer to magically appear in their mind. People are not Google and don’t treat them as such. We are working too and context switches are expensive to our minds. When you are asking us questions, we need to leave our current zone to switch to your problem. It is hard especially if we are actively thinking on a problem at the moment when someone asks us a question.

Senior Manager in Software Engineering. Former Technical Lead. Author of the book: Hands-on with Go http://amzn.to/2QYFoaV YT: http://youtube.com/c/tarikguney

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