It is also important to re-visit the steps you have taken in your work up until where the problem is ran into. It is very common that people try so many things to solve the problem before they start asking for help. For instance, reading many things on the Internet and trying them in your code is an overwhelming experience and sometimes even cause even more confusion. At some point, you hit a level of confusion at which you cannot even describe the problem easily to anyone anymore. Depending on the size and urgency of the problem, a methodical approach might be necessary:

  1. List the action you have taken.
  2. Mentally reload the context and relationships between the steps and the problem.
  3. See if you have missed anything.
  4. Write your questions down so that you can easily explain them.
  5. Take a deep breath.
  6. And go for it.

All these steps are not for making the work environment an overwhelming place but to make use of everyone’s time and mental energy effectively.

Senior Manager in Software Engineering. Former Technical Lead. Author of the book: Hands-on with Go YT:

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