The possible reason for it is that people love hearing their voice more than others’. Unfortunately, what the author says about listening to your voice is a two way street. The more you become self-centric, the more you will ignore others intentionally or unintentionally, because what matters will be what you say.

Also, people not reading the whole article may be an indication of our weak communication skills. I have seen many articles talking too much before coming to the actual point, and for some it is bothersome.

Lastly, like fast foods, we now like fast-information. The technology era changed the way we consume information. Some people stopped enjoying reading a paper from top to bottom. Our brains now crave for quick information. Due to neuroplasticity of the brain, it has been re-formed for the new demands of our era.

Senior Manager in Software Engineering. Former Technical Lead. Author of the book: Hands-on with Go YT:

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